Recent Before & After Photos

Closet Smelled Like Mold

The closet of this bedroom had always smelt a Little off but it wasn't until the closet was cleaned out that they found the source of the problem.Black Mold Fou... READ MORE

Large Water Loss in Band Room

A burst pipe had thoroughly flooded the floor in the band room of the local high school.Burst Pipe CleanupThere was a lot of standing water in the room. Th... READ MORE

Basement Flooding in Oklahoma City, OK

Flooding in this basement was not what the business owners were looking forward to this close to the holidays. The water heater had broken and flooded the ... READ MORE

Wood Floors Saved

Wood floors can be saved even when they are wet. Speed is key when it comes to wood floors.Saving Wood Floors from WaterThe water had come from a broken supply ... READ MORE

Water Damage In Smith Village, OK Kitchen

When the pipe burst over this kitchen the homeowners did not expect to see all their insulation inside their kitchen.Broken Pipe Floods KitchenIf your home suff... READ MORE

Storm Cleanup Process After A Flood

Flooding created a mess for this facility. The dirty water was threatening to stain tiles and drywall.Flooding - What not to do!Don't leave wet fabrics lay... READ MORE

Storm Damage Caused Carpet Staining

The first picture shows where the rain water had made its way into the facility and started to stain the carpet. This carpet is really light and the rain water ... READ MORE

Fire and Water Damage in Oklahoma City

Lighting Storm Damage!It isn't everyday that we have to help a family clean up their home after they have had a lightning fire. Most homes have a grounding wire... READ MORE

Replacing a Ceiling after Storm Damage

SERVPRO of South Oklahoma City it not only a mitigation specialist but we can also do reconstruction.Ceiling Replaced after StormThe rain water had ruined the c... READ MORE

Damaged Roof led to Damaged Motel Room

This older building just couldn't handle the last storm and the roof had given out letting in gallons of water from the heavy rains.Flood Cleanup in Oklahoma Ci... READ MORE