Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Damage In Dressing Room

Imagine trying on clothes in a department store dressing room when water starts dripping from the ceiling. That, unfortunately happened in this store to a young... READ MORE

Water Damaged Commercial Facility

The water damage started behind the wall paper of this hotel in Oklahoma City. The water started seeping through the drywall and onto the carpet. As soon as it ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

Blistering Paint - A Sure Sign Of Water Clearly there was a problem inside the room of this conference hall closet. The wall was wet enough that the paint start... READ MORE

Water Damaged Bathroom in Commercial Building

Metal studs are often the culprit to having more damage than is expected. Water Pooling in Metal Studs The metal studs are placed inside a baseplate that is sha... READ MORE

Damage in Department Store

A broken pipe is the reason for all these ceiling tiles having to come down. The facility manager had called their insurance about the problem and was referred ... READ MORE

Gym Floor Is Severely Damaged in Oklahoma City

The water flowed freely onto the hardwood gymnasium floor in Oklahoma City. It was unfortunately not noticed for an almost 24 hour period resulting in seepage i... READ MORE