Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Closet Smelled Like Mold

The closet of this bedroom had always smelt a Little off but it wasn't until the closet was cleaned out that they found the source of the problem. Black Mold Fo... READ MORE

Basement Wall Leaking and Mold Damage

A crack in the foundation of this home in Oklahoma City was the reason for water getting into this room. Biology of Mold Mold is a fungus that is always present... READ MORE

Mold Behind Baseboards

What not to do after a water damage. Sadly we see mold a lot more often than people might expect and it is usually for the same reason, a botched water loss job... READ MORE

Leaking Laundry Hookups Cause Mold

Although the damage to the wall is extensive it was the mold behind the wall that was more destructive. Finding Black Mold The owners of this home in Oklahoma C... READ MORE

Oklahoma City Mold Problems

The mother-in-law wing of this home in Oklahoma City was inflicted with a mold infestation. The Before Photo was taken after the demolition had already taken pl... READ MORE

Large Wall Mold Infestation in Oklahoma City

This garage in Oklahoma City was poorly ventilated, and the buildup of natural moisture and the workings of the washer and dryer invited a large growth of mold... READ MORE