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Making the Most of Water Removal Services Available for Your Oklahoma City Home

5/31/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Making the Most of Water Removal Services Available for Your Oklahoma City Home Knowing where the main shut off valve for water coming into your home can save you further damage. Call SERVPRO for remediation right after.

SERVPRO's Quick Response can PREVENT Many Types of Secondary Damages

As soon as an incident involving massive water intrusions occurs in your home, you need to call someone for help.  The longer it takes for you to make a decision, the more damaging the situation can become. What started as a broken pipe in your wall, affects your subfloor, floor, carpeting or floor cover, furniture, cabinets, crawl spaces, attic, or basement.  
Without the proper water removal and drying services, your Oklahoma City property can fall victim to water damage that causes massive problems. Water itself may be essential for living, but it can still cause catastrophic damage in your home. Everything from floods to leaky faucets can cause major health and safety issues, making quality restoration services a blessing.
You want to stop the flow of water immediately, so knowing the location of and how to use your water main shut-off valve can help prevent many damages that may occur. After that, contact SERVPRO, we can repair the damaged water source, utilize industrial-grade water extraction and drying equipment to get things under control swiftly and prevent additional damages from forming.  
When dealing with major water intrusions on your property, turning the water off is only the beginning. You should also shut down any power sources located on your property; this helps avoid electrical problems, fires, or injuries. Having a professional company, like SERVPRO on your side gives you the ability to assess total damages and provides you with the services you deserve to recover properly.
The longer it takes to remove excess water, the more likely your home is to develop secondary damages. Many problems like mold, rust, corrosion, and biohazards only occur if given time to develop. Making the call to SERVPRO ensures that you receive a level of excellence that reduces risks associated with water damage to your property and protects your family from harm.  
We can even help you refit your house with water-resistant building materials such as stone, tile, sealed concrete, or even waterproof wallboard. Using water-resistant glues, galvanized or stainless-steel nails and fasteners, installing additional drains, backflow valves, or sump pumps to improve future chances and limiting any losses you experience.
Make the most of the services available to you, contact SERVPRO of South Oklahoma City today. (405) 677-4000

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Convenience Store Needs Water Removal After Plumbing Fail in Oklahoma City

5/9/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Convenience Store Needs Water Removal After Plumbing Fail in Oklahoma City Water damage at your convenience store needs quick remediation so that your customers don't find a new place to shop. Call quickly after damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Respond Quickly After a Water Damage Disaster in Your Store

When a water main bursts inside your busy convenience store you need a speedy response. Water spreads throughout the shopping aisles, coolers, and storage areas. The amount requires professional removal, or permanent damage is possible to the structure and fixtures of the store. The staff at SERVPRO has the experience and access to the equipment that makes water abatement possible.
Water pooling within your business needs fast removal for your Oklahoma City convenience store to continue operations. You have banks of refrigerators, a coffee and beverage service area, open coolers with food and drinks all at risk from the water. You need our full-service expertise and industrial strength pumps and water extractors to set things right in a hurry.
SERVPRO staff arrive with powerful, truck-mounted equipment dedicated to speedy commercial water removal. We avoid electrical hazards during the pumping by relying upon our truck-based emergency services to supply the energy needed to run the equipment if the power is turned off in your shop for safety reasons. After the visible water exits via pumping and extractors, we set up a pattern of air movers and dehumidifiers planned with our drying target in mind.
We remove rugs and other soaked materials to ancillary sites to dry out. Then we work with you or your manager to determine what inventory within your store has too much damage to salvage. Food products and paper serving dishes must not suffer tainting from the water, or they are not fit for human consumption. Because of the debris constantly tracked into a convenience store, garbage receptacles that filled and spilled over with water, restrooms that possibly shared sewage during the flooding of water, and other issues, the possibility of severe contamination of non-sealed items for sale is real. SERVPRO has certified staff who help you make tough decisions that protect your business and your customers from harm.
If you contact us immediately, we have the chance to mitigate water damage issues quickly. Our fast reaction means your store is offline for only a short period, just long enough to remove the water and make good decisions about foodstuffs and other items to discard. An even better result emerges if you took the opportunity to create a free Emergency Ready Plan and Profile with us before a crisis occurred. Water removal is just one of the services you pre-plan by using our mobile app along with an on-site assessment by one of our inspectors. List your priorities in the event of a disaster and give SERVPRO essential information about your physical plant through this proactive practice.
SERVPRO of South Oklahoma City is ready to help your business recover from water emergency situations. Call (405) 677-4000 to develop an emergency plan and to get one of our crews on site when the water does not stop flowing.

Storm Damage And Your Roof In Oklahoma City

4/27/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage And Your Roof In Oklahoma City Even when there was no hail or rain produced during a storm, your roof can sustain damage.

Storm Damage To Your Roof

Even when there was no hail or rain produced during a storm, your roof can sustain damage. Strong winds make stress points on your roof which, over time, can weaken and be compromised. Roofs are made to resist typical winds; however, they can be damaged incrementally over years of high winds and debris blown around by the wind. It is important to fix the initial damage and replace missing shingles quickly to stop any high fuel costs and water damage that inevitably result from a roof which is damaged.

The effect that the wind has over your Oklahoma City home’s roof is not uniform. Areas such as the perimeter and corners of your roof are susceptible to high wind pressures and storm damage, while the center could have fewer stresses. Most wind damage begins at the edge of the roof. Anywhere the material of the roof is just a bit loose, the wind gets under it and pushes it up, therefore giving the wind more to grab onto during the next storm, which makes a peeling effect. This type of damage can begin quite small, but keep growing over time through repeated exposure to the wind.

SERVPRO can be counted on to help get your roof repaired when storm damage has ravished it. With our professional training and courteous, timely work, we can help to prevent further damage to your home from intruding water by covering damaged areas with tarps or plywood for temporary protection. We then focus on restoring water damage of the attic and other affected areas. Our technicians may be able to do the roof repairs, but we can always get help from one of our roofing contractor partners to rebuild your roof to code when needed.

Tree Damage And Flying Debris
Wind events which are significant also cause debris to fly into your roof. Tree branches, shards of glass, and other debris can be more damaging than the wind at times. When looking at your roof after a windstorm, investigate what could have blown across or onto the roof. It's a good idea to check your downspouts and gutters since debris can clog them and make other problems in the future. Make sure to keep your trees trimmed and away from the roof. Tree branches that touch a roof gouge and scratch roofing materials when branches are being blown around. Overhanging trees which have falling branches cause damage or even puncture shingles and other materials on your roof.

If you suspect damage to your roof, call SERVPRO right away. Remember, the longer you wait, the more damage occurs. The cost to replace or repair your roof is much less when you do not have added water damage and leak repair costs. We also help you speak with your insurance company to take some of the stress off you and to help you file your claim. All damage gets documented thoroughly, and we draw up a plan for remediation before we even begin any work.

SERVPRO of South Oklahoma City understands how important it is to repair a roof that has sustained storm damage. The protection of your family and home depend upon your roof, so we are available at all hours when you dial (405) 677-4000.

Cleaning The Air During Mold Damage Remediation In Oklahoma City

4/10/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Cleaning The Air During Mold Damage Remediation In Oklahoma City Mold and Spores Remediation Requires Cleanup of the Ambient Air in Oklahoma City by SERVPRO

Oklahoma City Air Quality is a Vital Segment of Mold Cleanup

Mold is a real nightmare for any homeowner. Spores quickly spread throughout an area and can take up residence in furniture, clothes, and carpets. Damp areas are particularly in danger of fungus growth. Oklahoma has high humidity, and fungi love high humidity, so householders in the area need to be on the lookout for mold. When you find telltale black (or any other color) spots or notice the distinctive musty smell of mold, it is time to call in SERVPRO.

There are many stages to remediation of mold damage in your Oklahoma City home. One of the most vital steps is cleaning the air of mold spores. No one wants mold spores in the air of their home if it can be avoided. Not to mention the fact that airborne particles travel to other locations within your house and potentially set up new colonies when they land.
Our IICRC-certified technicians start by sealing off affected areas and create contained working stations. This isolation prevents further spread of the fungi throughout your home. One key aspect of mold remediation is removing airborne spores from contaminated areas. If most of these spores are not removed, remediation is not complete because they can spread.
Air scrubbers are built to filter even small particles such as fungus spores. They draw in air from the surrounding environment and pass it through a series of filters to remove particles. Air scrubbers can be used to remove lead, dust, asbestos, chemical fumes – and mold. This cleaning is a vital part of mold remediation both because of already airborne mold and due to the possibility of more spores becoming airborne as cleaning takes place. Air quality is key.
Our professional teams come equipped with HEPA filter air scrubbers. A HEPA (or High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter traps small particles. To be considered a true HEPA filter, a filter must have been tested and shown to remove at least 99.97% of particles of 0.3 microns in size. SERVPRO only uses true HEPA filters in our mold remediation process.
Another way we limit the spread of contaminants is by the utilization of a negative air machine. This piece of equipment is often used in conjunction with air scrubbing. We create negative air pressure by using ducting to remove contaminated air from the area and vent it outside. This creates a vacuum effect which helps limits the spread of airborne spores. Cleaning air and removing contaminated air reduces the risk of the mold moving throughout your home. This process can also include installed HVAC systems.
If you have mold in your house, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of South Oklahoma City at (405) 677-4000 today for assistance.

Why Fire Damage in Oklahoma City Homes is NOT the End for Family Photos

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why Fire Damage in Oklahoma City Homes is NOT the End for Family Photos There are a few options when dealing with fire damaged photos. Call SERVPRO to dicuss.

SERVPRO Specializes in Handling Unique and Delicate Fire Damaged Items

The vast majority of residential fires get identified and extinguished quickly. While they do not pose a risk to life, they can still spell big trouble for family photographs and other important documents. Contrary to popular belief, the major danger is not heat but soot residues.

When fire burns at a lower temperature, it produces oily, sticky soot which clings to exposed surfaces. It is tough to remove, and it can leave permanent stains, particularly on paper items. This kind of fire damage in Oklahoma City properties presents a challenge. However, SERVPRO has the expertise to needed to reverse its effects.

Keep reading to learn about how soot and smoke affect paper materials and what can be done to save family photographs.

Two Main Types of Smoke Damage

Dry Smoke

Dry smoke is the result of fires which burn fast at a high temperature (such as a cooking oil accident). The risk of paper items setting alight is greater under these conditions, but the smoke is less likely to smear and stain exposed surfaces. It is easier to remove because it sits in a dusty layer and responds well to suction removal with a handheld vacuum.

Wet Smoke

In contrast, wet smoke is a by-product of fires which burn slower and at a lower temperature. It poses a much bigger risk to photographs and documents because it is sticky. Attempting to remove it with a vacuum is a bad idea because the residues are spread easily with the wrong type of handling. Usually, the SERVPRO team sends affected items to an offsite specialist who applies repair treatments in low humidity conditions.

The Importance of Careful Handling

Whether we remove soot and smoke on site or refer affected photographs to a specialist, we handle possessions with the utmost caution. Careful handling is imperative after a fire because too much movement can force smoke particles deeper into porous surfaces.

Even if photo albums are not directly affected, they may pick up the lingering odor of smoke. We deal with this by setting up deodorizing equipment. It produces microscopic odor-banishing particles which follow the smoke particles deep into porous materials. They are applied in a very light fog so that the humidity of the room remains stable and no moisture damage occurs.

You do not have to face the damage of a house fire alone. The experts at SERVPRO of South Oklahoma City have the skills and expertise needed to carry out repairs quickly. We can save your valuable and precious possessions. Call us 24/7 at (405) 677-4000.

Commercial Fire Damage in Oklahoma City

3/22/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Fire Damage in Oklahoma City Don't let fire damage suspend production and cost you even more money in lost business. Call SERVPRO to remediate.

SERVPRO Regularly Handles BOTH Small and Large Scale Fire Damage Events

Large warehouse operations are profitable, but when a disaster strikes, they also have their specific problems. There are often multiple property owners, which means multiple insurance companies that all want to push their claims first. For the owner of the structure, this means many more headaches than what a small business owner has to deal with after a fire.

Commercial fire restoration, after an Oklahoma City business suffers a fire, is an extensive, multi-step process. SERVPRO takes the immediate steps of reducing damage effects, to include smoke and soot cleanup, water cleanup and property evaluation. We also perform an evaluation to determine the cost regarding labor, equipment, and replacement. Some of the key factors we examine are:

  • Loss of Use - The number of days the structure remains closed.

  • Loss of Value - The loss of income while the structure remains closed.

  • Effect of Smoke and Heat - Damage to the structure and property inside. Smoke and heat inspection also includes the possible effects that smoke and soot residue may have on SERVPRO and customer employees.

  • Replacement versus Restoration - This is a dual list of items. For example, the cost of replacing damaged storage racks as opposed to repairing them.

Understanding these factors, among others, determines the plan we develop to restore a business back to operating status as quickly as possible. It also helps identify the initial actions we take to prevent further damage. Our response team works closely with city fire departments to make certain the structure is safe to return to and begin work. These services include:

  • Supply emergency power and lighting.

  • Board up entry points to prevent trespassing, theft, and vandalism. Technicians also secure large, damaged areas where trespassers might try to access the structure. These actions also prevent new damage from inclement weather.

  • Pump out water that pooled from fire suppression systems.

  • Provide dumpsters for disposing of unrecoverable property.

For large warehouses, we bring in heavy moving equipment to clear a path through fire damaged property to complete a thorough inspection of the entire structure.

Restoration after a fire is a long process. For a business, this means a continued loss of the income needed to pay for services and insurance. SERVPRO of South Oklahoma City has decades of experience in repairing fire damage and working with fire departments and insurance companies to help you reopen your doors. Call us today at (405) 677-4000 to begin.

Seasonal Storms Hitting Oklahoma City

3/7/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Seasonal Storms Hitting Oklahoma City Call SERVPRO after any storm or disaster for fast remediation.

SERVPRO is Ready to Help with ANY Kind of Storm Damage

Oklahoma has a widely varied and often unforgiving climate, making it on the receiving end of damage from a wide range of dangerous storms and natural disasters. Tornadoes can cause huge damages to entire towns, massive hailstones have been known to destroy cars and smash through roofing, and storms in both the summer and winter have the potential for serious flooding and water damage. Storm damage here varies widely in appearance and specifics, but SERVPRO is prepared year-round for all types of natural disasters common in the season.
Call them tornadoes, twisters, or whatever you like, but these violent natural disasters cause some of the most severe storm damage we see in Oklahoma City. Tornadoes can completely demolish a home, sometimes making rebuilding and replacing the only viable option for unfortunate homeowners. However, more commonly, a home may be affected to a mild or moderate degree and only require corresponding restorations to specific areas of concern. If you are unsure of how long or how much money a tornado restoration could take, be sure to call us for a quote.
Snow and Ice Storms
Snow is less voluminous than in other regions of the country, but can still cause significant damage in the coldest months of the year. Snow can seep into foundations, pile up and freeze in the yard, or cause ice dams that directly lead to water damage problems. When regular shoveling fails, SERVPRO is ready to help with any damages taken by your home.
Heavy Rain Storms
In some cases, ordinary rainstorms can be heavy enough to cause flooding or other severe damage to local homes, especially in the late spring and summer. A storm from the ocean may even make its way inland from the coast, bringing with it a massive amount of moisture and destruction. In the event of flooding, make sure your valuables are secured and elevated and try to stay in a safe place or on the upper floors of your home.
SERVPRO of South Oklahoma City has helped hundreds in the local area to recover from water, storm, fire, and other types of damage to their homes. For our assistance after a storm, just call us 24/7 at (405) 677-4000.

Mold Damage can Signal Ongoing Water Leaks in Oklahoma City

2/16/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage can Signal Ongoing Water Leaks in Oklahoma City Moisture in the Ceiling Leads to Mold Damage in Oklahoma City

Mold Remediation and Water Fixes are Interrelated

Mold takes a while to grow, but visible signs of mold can seem to happen overnight, too. When you have found multi-colored circles on the ceiling or black streaks and patches on your walls, there can be no doubt that there is mold damage in other areas of your home. SERVPRO can help locate other areas affected by mold before damage increases in severity.

Though it is a relatively dry city compared to many others, mold damage in Oklahoma City can still happen. Water, needed by mold and other fungi to grow, does not need to have outside sources when there is water dripping from a water line somewhere in your home. Mold only needs a tiny amount of water moisture to begin spreading through your home. Dormant spores spring to life with moisture. Technicians at SERVPRO use moisture meters, infrared sensors, and other devices to detect where water sources are located. Then we repair any dripping lines, preventing any more moisture to accumulate. Mold remediation can begin once the sources have been eliminated.
Lines can leak anywhere, but joints are a common spot for this to happen. If there is a tiny hole or small crack in a line, water could be spraying the inside of your wall, which can allow water to seep into areas that may seem uncontaminated by mold damage because the mold growth is not visible.
Water loss in a home from dripping lines may cause other problems with secondary water damage besides mold, so SERVPRO checks for signs of these, also. Repairing lines that leak can also decrease your water bill, in addition to protecting your home from mold damage. Fungi must have a water source for growth to take place, and spots, streaks, and patches signal not only mold damage, but the presence of water where it should not be. We can make it "Like it never even happened” and decrease the risk of any future mold growth at the same time.
We know that mold damage can be a scary situation in your home, so SERVPRO of South Oklahoma City is available 24/7. You can call us at (405) 677-4000, and we respond quickly.

Fire Damage Oklahoma City

2/10/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Oklahoma City Fire Places Can Cause Damage in Your Oklahoma City Home

SERVPRO Restores Damaged Oklahoma City Properties After Fires, Large or Small

The word 'fire' scares just about every homeowner and renter out there. As much as it is feared, it is also just as misunderstood. Not every fire is a total loss nor can a victim walk right back in and start washing walls.

Damage does not usually happen from direct exposure to flames or heat. Most of the fire damage to an Oklahoma City residence (and the cleanup costs) result from the soot and smoke that remain after a fire has been put out. Regardless of the size of the fire or the type of damage SERVPRO has the experience and the equipment to put our fellow residents back into their homes as quickly and safely as possible.
Our response team has three immediate goals to meet: Establish a safe work site for technicians and residents to enter, prevent further damage from soot and smoke to the structure and prepare the work site for restoration. Once accomplished, technicians take the following step:
Secure the structure: This means boarding up any doors and windows that may have been damaged putting out the fire. Our team does this to prevent trespassing and possible vandalism or looting. If there is roof damage, we stretch tarps across openings to secure against the weather.

Establish emergency power: Depending on what needs to accomplished, SERVPRO technicians set up a portable generator or park a generator truck to ensure that electricity is available while personnel is working or even 24/7 if needed to secure our client's property.

Immediate property cleaning: To ensure that residents can have what they need while in a hotel or other housing, technicians help choose clothing and other possessions that can be quickly cleaned and used. Our franchise has commercial washers (Esporta System) and dryers designed to clean and remove soot and other contaminants that regular washers or dry-cleaning cannot. We can also employ sonic cleaning for hard surfaced items.

Drying the building: If the fire department deployed or if sprinklers engaged, then there is an excessive amount of water in the home. Team members use water pumps and extractors to remove standing water and draw it out of carpets and wood floors. Our SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians also use dehumidifiers and commercial grade heaters to eliminate moisture from the air inside the structure.

Deodorize the structure: Technicians use air ozone machines and thermal foggers to destroy odors trapped in walls and carpets, as well as furniture and other personal property.
Pest Control: Technicians perform a pest inspection on all goods removed from the work site. They ensure that clothing and other items placed into storage are not infested with roaches or other bugs to keep them from being further damage.

Recovery after a fire is not always a quick process, but SERVPRO of South Oklahoma City is here to help you through it. Call us at (405) 677-4000 today to get started.

Water Damage can Take Many Different Forms in Oklahoma City

2/3/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage can Take Many Different Forms in Oklahoma City Prevent mold from sneaking up on you by calling SERVPRO immediately after a water damage problem.

Let SERVPRO Help Prevent Any Secondary Damage After Water Has Affected Your Home

There are several different ways that water damage can exist in a home. The differences depend on the source, the time exposed, and the amount. Categories of water can also change the level of damage, as well. Black water is always the worst, although clean water can cause enough problems by itself. Clean water can also become contaminated, even in your own home.
Oklahoma City residents who have had a water line spring a leak, a window left open during a heavy storm, or an overflowing appliance or tub should clean up as much water as possible. This is to prevent additional water damage from happening. Water damage can begin almost immediately if water comes in contact with porous materials. This can include, but is not limited to, wood floors, carpeting, cabinetry doors, or drywall. The more water that is absorbed, the higher the chances that the material will need to be replaced.
Other materials in a home can be damaged but show this much more slowly. Metal fittings and hardware on furniture can rust and corrode. Wallpaper can end up with bubbles underneath, eventually causing unsightly peeling. Linoleum floors that were waterlogged can curl at the edges and where bubbles and gaps are created, the raised areas can become more prone to damage from even normally benign activities such as walking.
Secondary water damage includes mold growth. Mold is not confined to any particular area in a home, including the area where water damage is located at. This is because both the humidity from the original water damage (as water never disappears completely without some human interference – it just circulates throughout a home) and mold spores often accumulate in the same area. Other microbial contamination can begin when water damage occurs. Fungi, viruses, and bacteria can congregate in areas that provide dark and cool environments, as humidity is lost more slowly in these types of locations than in others.
When water is posing a risk of water damage in a home, SERVPRO technicians work together with the latest in technology and equipment to ensure that all of the excess water is removed. From portable water extractors to vacuum-producing floor mats to high-velocity air movers, we have your situation covered. Resolving it will be conducted in an efficient and professional manner. Our goal is to restore everything to its previous state, so it is “Like it never even happened.”
To prevent water damage from spreading in your home, or to restore what has already been damaged, call us. We are SERVPRO of South Oklahoma City at (405) 677-4000, and we are there to take your call 2/7.