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What Do Professionals Do to Stop Mold Growth?

12/2/2017 (Permalink)

What Do Professionals Do to Stop Mold Growth?

If you’ve recently found a patch of black mold in your Oklahoma City, OK home, you’re likely beside yourself with worry. Mold cleanup does not have to be stressful. In fact, the easiest and most reliable method of mold remediation relies on the knowledge and equipment of professionals. These experts can help get your home back to normal by taking the following five steps.

Find the moisture source. Because mold needs moisture to grow, it’s important to find the source of moisture. A roof leak or condensation buildup may be the culprit of your mold problem. However, if this source isn’t found, the fungus will continue to come back. Finding and fixing the issue helps contain your mold growth.

Wear personal protective equipment. While mold can cause structural damage to your home, it can also be a hazard. For this reason, professionals often put on masks, gloves and goggles before working with the mold in your home.

Remove the porous materials. Porous materials have to be discarded when affected by moisture and mold damage. For this reason, any affected dry wall will have to be cut out of the home and discarded.

Carpets, mattresses and other objects may also have to be tossed out.

Clean and disinfect non-porous objects. Professionals may use a detergent-based disinfectant to clean the hard surfaces affected by black mold. This cleaning should remove all spores.

Dry out the area. After the cleaning, the entire area of your home affected by mold should be properly dried out. The remediation team may bring in fans and wet vacuums to help remove moisture from your home.

The growth of black mold can be stopped by the proper cleaning steps. The only true way to stop this growth is to remove the source of the moisture and git rid of as much of the spores as possible. It may be tempting to do the remediation yourself, but remediation experts in Oklahoma City, OK have the knowledge and equipment necessary to do this task well. Visit for more information on mold.

What Happens During Mold Remediation?

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What Happens During Mold Remediation?

If you are concerned about black mold in your home in Oklahoma City, OK understanding the mold cleanup process is a fantastic way to help yourself feel more relaxed about the process. Mold remediation is a well-understood process, after all, and when executed by trained professionals, it can clean up practically any damage while preventing the recurrence of mold growths.


The first step to remediating mold is to remove the moisture and the heat that allows the mold to flourish. This might mean a variety of different operations need to be undertaken, including:

Drying the area
Possibly repairing plumbing, foundation leaks, or other sources of moisture
Removing damaged materials that cannot be cleaned
Repairing and replacing those materials


Once the area is contained and anything that is too damaged to be cleaned has been removed, the next step is to clean the remaining mold. Since black mold can be toxic, professional cleaning crews use personal protective equipment during this process. Cleaning often disturbs the mold in ways that can temporarily make it airborne, so it is important that only protected workers occupy the area during cleanup.

If your mold cleanup process involves mold in areas where it is likely to have spread into and through ducts, it is important to hire specialists who know how to work within the EPA’s guidelines for repairing HVAC system mold problems and cleaning ducts.

Mold Cleanup in Oklahoma City, OK

The important thing to remember is that mold remediation should be handled by trained professionals with the right equipment. If you discover a mold problem in your home, it is important that you hire contractors with the experience and the training to not only fully clean your home, but to protect it and themselves.

Water damage and restoration specialists are the way to go, but not every firm is fully certified for mold. That’s why you need to work with people you know can get the job done. Visit for more information on mold damage.

Cleaning Up After a Flood

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Cleaning Up After a Flood

Dealing with the aftermath of a flood in Oklahoma City, OK can be devastating. In addition to water damage that can take a long time to repair, a flood can damage main contents of a business. When you are content cleaning, you need to categorize each item into one of two material types to know if your belongings can be saved.

Porous Materials

Anything in your commercial property that could possibly absorb water may have to be thrown away, particularly if your building was flooded with black water. Porous materials can include anything from carpets to upholstered furniture and drywall. Because these contents can absorb filthy water, they cannot be cleaned thoroughly enough to prevent health hazards. When you begin the process of content cleaning, know that any item made of porous material that possibly came in contact with the contaminated water will likely need to be disposed of.

Non-Porous Materials

Any item that will not absorb water is made of non-porous material. These contents should be safe after a flood. Items may include metal desks or cabinets, waterproof safes, or even plastic furniture. Thorough cleansing with clean water and a little disinfectant will likely save any belongings made of non-porous materials and keep them useful after restoration. Because these contents did not absorb the dirty water, they do not pose a significant risk if they are kept.

Losing critical business information may be one of the most devastating parts of surviving a flood. Content cleaning can be challenging because you may have to throw away many items, but if you have the right knowledge of porous and non-porous materials, you may be able to save some items. When dealing with black water, knowing which items pose a health hazard is critical to the restoration process. Separating belongings into one of these two categories can help make the cleaning process faster and easier. Visit for more information on water damage.

Your Options for a Flooded Home

9/18/2017 (Permalink)

Your Options for a Flooded Home

Drying out a flooded home can be a pretty major project. If you're currently dealing with water damage and flood damage, you know how frustrating it can be for you to get the job done by an expert mitigation and restoration service. The reason mitigation can be so problematic on your own is because you probably don't have the tools necessary to do all of the drying and water cleanup that needs to get done. Because of this, it's time to hire a restoration company to handle the problems for you.

Water Damage Issues at Home

Whether you have a lot of water in your home or you have a decent amount of flood water in your business, you need mitigation and restoration services to get the flood damage cleaned. A flooded home can be a long-term problem, especially if you have a pipe break or supply line break that has been allowed to burst and overtake the house. This is why a restoration company can do the drying for you and get the water cleanup up done quickly. Restoration of water damage and flood damage doesn't have to be expensive, so consider hiring a professional for this project.

How to Get Water Cleanup and Mitigation Done

In order to get water cleanup done, you're going to need to hire a restoration company that can come in and handle the flood damage for you. They do all of the drying for you when it concerns water in your home. If you have water in your business, restoration can be done by the same type of company. You may want to hire the pros to handle a pipe break or supply line break if this has become an issue for you. A flooded home should be restored as soon as possible to prevent further issues from surfacing.

How to Hire a Restoration Company

The best way to hire a professional company to handle water in your home is by finding one that has a lot of experience. These companies should ideally have a lot of experience cleaning up water in a business or any type of water in a home. They can also find and fix a supply line break or pipe break that you might currently have. In many cases, the reason for water in a business is because of a pipe break. If you have a supply line break, you might want to contact a professional plumber to handle the issue for you.

Mitigation Options for the Home or Business

Mitigation can be advantageous for many reasons, but it is important that you consider working with the experts in order to have it done. If you try to handle the issue on your own, you might find that it is difficult to feel confident in the way that it is being done. This is why it is so important to hire the pros so that they can handle the water damage for you and do the cleanup that needs to be done.

Water Damage in a Flooded Home

Flooded homes can be problematic for many different reasons, so you need to make sure that you hire a restoration company to handle the problem for you. Instead of trying to do this all on your own, it's imperative that you work with the experts to ensure that it's done when it is most convenient for you. Now that you know how beneficial it is for you to get the work done by an expert restoration company, it's a matter of finding one local to you and contacting them so that they can come in and get the work done at your own convenience. They will leave your home or office clean, dry and good as new after you have dealt with a lot of flooding due to natural or pipe issues.
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The Steps You Should Follow After Fire Damage in the Home

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The Steps You Should Follow After Fire Damage in the Home

Few things are more complicated than having to deal with fire damage in the home. Sometimes, the steps that you as the homeowner take after the fire damage determine the speed at which the home will be restored to the state it was in before the fire damage happened. Below are is a guideline outlining the steps you ought to take after an electrical fire or another type of fire breaks out in your home.


The very first thing you need to do is ensure that all the people who were in the building have gotten out. In case there is someone still trapped in the building because of soot damage or smoke damage, you should call in emergency services such as the fire truck, fire sprinkler systems, fire hoses, and firefighters to help rescue them and put out the fire. Do not try to get back into the house once you are out where it is safe.

The fire suppression

The fire trucks and firefighters will arrive and assess the situation. The firefighters, fire hoses, and their fire trucks will do their best to try and put out the fire within the shortest time possible after getting to the scene. You might see a firefighter going into the house and trying to rescue people who are trapped in the soot damage. They use equipment such as fire hoses, fire sprinkler systems and other appropriate equipment to help them achieve fire suppression within the shortest time.

Calling the insurance company

When the fire has been put out by the fire sprinkler systems, and the fire trucks have left, the most challenging part of the fire restoration process starts. As a homeowner, this is the point at which you call the insurer and inform them of the accident. Note that when damage of this magnitude has happened, adjusters will be calling you from all corners, trying to help you with ways of achieving fire restoration. Making the call to your insurer gives you the peace of mind you need to proceed to the next important step in commercial fire damage and restoration.

Contacting the fire restoration company

Commercial fire damage experts recommend that you should stay away from a building that has suffered fire damage until a fire restoration expert has certified it safe to enter. Contact restoration companies which are close to you and let them know about the electrical fire or utility room fire. The details that you share with them will determine the quote they give you for the commercial fire damage restoration process. When they get to your premises, they will assess the utility room fire damage to determine where to start the recovery. The following are some of the issues they usually address:

• Smoke damage and soot damage in the house is a typical result of the fire. The experts will clean up the smoke damage on all surfaces and make sure the house is as clean as it was before the ordeal.

• In case some structures have been weakened by the electrical fire or the utility room fire, they will do a board up and roof tarp as a way of preventing collapse.

• If fire sprinkler systems or fire hoses were used in the fire suppression efforts, water damage would result. The electrical fire damage experts will extract the water and dry the house to prevent future development of mold.

• The commercial fire damage restoration experts will then perform services such as repainting the parts that could have been affected by the soot damage and the smoke damage.

The utility room fire restoration experts will only leave home when they have ensured that it is has regained the state it was in before the fire damage and the fire suppression. Take time and choose the restoration company which is close to you to handle the restoration process for you. The quality of the outcome will depend on the competence of the restoration experts that you contact.
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The Ultimate Guide to Successful Storm Damage Restoration

9/18/2017 (Permalink)

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Storm Damage Restoration

Few things are more devastating than storm damage. When flooding happens, your priority should be getting everyone to safety. After leaving the premises, the next step should be looking for skilled restoration experts to help you with the storm damage restoration process. Below are a few of the things which can help you with the storm damage restoration process.

Handling water and flood damage

When water damage happens or flooding , assess whether it is safe to stay in the house. Make sure everyone in the house avoids all sorts of electrical and also slip and fall hazards. Be careful when handling wet materials because they can be extremely heavy. Flood pumps are typically used for water extraction. The water restoration company you contact should, therefore, possess quality flood pumps to deal with the flooding.

Dealing with roof damage, leaking roofs, and roof repair

The strong winds that result from storm damage sometimes blow entire roofs off buildings. The ice damage, ice dams and hail damage also lead to complications such as roof leaks. If you realize you have roof leaks after this damage, you should contact a storm restoration company that understands how to do roof repairs. Ice damage, ice damming and ice dams are all problems which can be resolved when experts are engaged in roof repair and storm restoration.

Dealing with frozen pipes

When the temperatures are too low after a storm, the water in the pipes tends to cool down. Frozen pipes should not be left unattended to because they will eventually and cause serious water damage in the home. Flood pumps and other equipment can be used to deal with the ice dams and ice damage which contributes to the presence of frozen pipes in the home.

Hail damage and hurricane damage

When the temperatures are low, rain tends to solidify and fall as hailstones. These hailstones can sometimes be as large as golf balls, and when this happens, hail damage will affect the roof, windows and other parts of the home. An expert should assess the hail damage, ice damming or hurricane damage which has occurred and come up with a workable plan for roof repair, home restoration, and storm remediation.

Ground water and flood water

The other huge complication that comes after flooding or river flooding is that when the water is left in the house, parts which are made of wood start rotting. The rotting from flood water, ice damming, and ground water weakens the structure of the house, which can lead to eventual collapse. Storm restoration experts use flood pumps to remove the river flooding water, and then they follow this up with dehumidification and drying.

Choosing reliable home restoration experts

There are many companies out there who claim to offer excellent storm damage, wind damage, hurricane damage, ice damming, and hail damage restoration services. Unfortunately, not all of them will deliver the quality of service you can be proud of. Before choosing a certain company for water restoration:

• Ask for referrals from friends who have suffered river flooding or wind damage, roof leak or roof damage.

• Contact the company and explain your river flooding, roof damage, wind damage, ice damage or hurricane damage situation. Get a quote for the water restoration process.

• Invite the home restoration experts to your home to assess the ground water levels, ice dams, roof leaks, hail damage and frozen pipes, flood water and ground water to see how much home restoration and storm remediation. is needed.

• Move out of the home to allow the experts to have an easy time carrying out the water restoration and storm remediation.

When you have a reliable wind damage, flood water, roof damage and storm restoration company, you will have an easy time dealing with hurricane damage and storm remediation. Take time and choose a company that is trusted and experienced in storm remediation. This will save you money, time, and give you peace of mind.

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How Professionals Undertake Water Damage Restoration

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

How Professionals Undertake Water Damage Restoration

Whenever your home suffers from water damage, the floods can affect the structure of your house negatively. In addition, you can also lose your personal belongings after flood damage. Also, the water in business drains should flow smoothly. If you have a supply line break, a competent plumber can help in the restoration and repair process. An inch of water can seep through the floor and ruin the sub base underneath. The wooden items such as furniture, floors, stairs, and handrails can begin to rot. Depending on the nature of the storm, the floods can affect the ducts, heaters, air conditioners, and other utilities. It is vital for the restoration company to prevent the water from entering the foundation where it can affect the entire structure of the building. The water in business foundation slabs can encourage the growth of mildew.

Home repair after water damage

A restoration company can help you to undertake the restoration process that entails drying a flooded home as well as the mitigation procedures. The water cleanup job on the flooded home requires a reputable restoration company and special equipment in the quest to expedite the drying and restoration process. Drying all the water in home appliances helps to fast track the water cleanup, restoration, and drying process. Embarking on the water cleanup without dealing with the pipe break can be a futile venture. The expensive items such as carpets, wallboards, and electronic appliances can also be ruined.
When it comes to the removal of the water in business drains, it is vital to unblock them too. When it comes to flood damage mitigation in a flooded home, sandbags can come in handy if you want to redirect the water. As you redirect the water in home drains, be sure to repair the supply line break if you want to save time during the water cleanup and mitigation process. You should always think of the mitigation if you want to minimize the flood damage. Repairing a flooded home is more expensive than preventing the problem by addressing the main culprits such as leaky drains and the supply line break.

Plumbing fixtures

Check whether the leakage is a result of a pipe break. After water damage, you can restore the wooden furniture if you act swiftly. Cleaning up after a severe flood is a hectic exercise that might cost a fortune. The insurance agent can help you to determine the cost of repair. However, it is vital to engage a flood restoration company if you want to get the exact figures. Before you start the cleanup process, take some photos and videos to help you whenever you want to claim the damages from your insurance company. Once you have pumped the water out, start shoveling the mud without causing scratches to the floor. Once you expose the wooden or vinyl floor, you can begin to assess the level of the damage. As you estimate the cost of home repair, be sure to salvage the resilient materials that can withstand the flood damage. The supply line break leads to the seepage of water in home plumbing systems to the floor.

Drying the surfaces

The pipe break can be hidden behind the walls, leading to the spillage of water in business floors. The water damage can cause the mold and mildew to develop. After cleaning every surface, run the air conditioner or dehumidifier to get rid of the excess humidity in the house. Watch out for the development of mold and mildew. If the mold has started to develop, you need a specialist to deal with the problem. Considering that the mold is toxic, the specialists will wear the protective gear, seal the working areas, and use the appropriate disinfectants to eliminate the problem. A pipe break can cause the leakage of water in home taps and pipes.
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The Importance of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

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The Importance of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Dealing with significant fire damage in the home can be problematic for just about anyone who is involved. Because of this, it is often a good idea for you to hire a restoration company to handle the soot damage that has been sustained. If this has been a problem for you in the past, a fire damage restoration company is there to make life easier for you when you need it the most. They deal with smoke damage that was left after a fire as well as the board up and the smoke smell that is hard to get rid of on your own.

How to Handle Fire Damage

If you have recently had a fire in your home or have even had a fire in the business office you work, it's important to hire the pros for proper fire damage restoration. Fire damage is no joking matter and can be difficult to handle all on your own. This is why you need a professional to do the board up for you and get rid of that smoke smell that has become so strong. You probably also have some soot damage left behind as well as smoke damage, so the restoration company can handle these problems for you. Fire cleanup is hard to accomplish by yourself without all of the necessary items, so be sure to contact a local fire cleanup company. They can also handle commercial fire damage if you own a business property and have recently had a fire in your business.

What is Involved with the Fire Cleanup

When it comes to fire damage restoration, it's crucial that you contact a local restoration company to handle the issue for you. They will bring all of their own tools and supplies, ensuring that you feel confident in the work being done. Plus, they can do the board up if it is needed and get rid of the smoke smell that has overtaken your whole house. They can also provide you with commercial fire damage services if this is something that you feel will benefit you as well. Getting rid of the smoke smell alone, without even handling the smoke damage and soot damage that is there, is enough to get your home back.

Hiring an Expert Restoration Company

If you have had a fire in your business office or have dealt with a fire in your home, it's crucial to hire the pros for fire restoration services and proper board up. Commercial fire damage should never be dealt with on your own simply because there are so many different steps to take. Soot damage as well as any apparent smoke damage is best left to the pros who will come and do the commercial fire damage and restoration for you. This is ideal for anyone who has had a fire in their home or even a large fire in a business office.

Costs and Services of Fire Damage and Fire Cleanup

The best thing about hiring a professional company to handle the aftermath of a fire in your home is that it might be covered if you have some type of insurance. Commercial fire damage does not have to be expensive and can fit quite well into the budget that you are able to afford with ease. The key is to contact the company in question and to find out more about what they are offering as well as any costs associated with their company and services.

It is important to hire a professional company if you have dealt with a bad fire in your house or business area. They can help to get your property back to the way that it was before the fire hit, allowing you to feel confident when it comes to living there alongside your family or having clients come to the office you own.
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Understanding the Science Behind Molds and Mold Remediation

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

Understanding the Science Behind Molds and Mold Remediation

The microscopic mold spores that eventually spread like a conflagration bringing about a mold infestation can be found pretty much everywhere. Their common spreading grounds include homes and business premises with plumbing or roof leaks.

All it takes for mold growth from the microscopic spores to a palpable infestation or the massive mold growth behind walls is a damaging water incidence and a 48 to 72 hours’ time-stretch. During this time you may arrange for the water to be removed so as to circumvent the mold in home problem that’s about to blow up.

Alternatively, you may get a licensed mold in home removal professional to help you inspect it and suggest the right course of action to tackle commercial mold damage.

Understanding Molds

The spreading of mold fungus mostly occurs as a result of water intrusion into a property or dry rot. No home is completely safe from the mold growth behind walls; considering they shoot from microscopic mold spores that often float about in the air or dry rot and are likely to enter your home through any available opening, including your windows, AC/heating system, and the door.

Mold growth thrives in the presence of moisture, not dry rot as many people love to assume. Meaning, they’ll be growing into colonies within two to three days whenever they’re exposed to water.

Mold in home or mold growth behind walls is detested for a number of reasons, among them is the fact that they tend to produce a very strong smelly odor. This is particularly the case with black molds. Speaking of which, mold remediation and restoration company often use the musty odor they produce to identify infested areas.

Also worth noting is that mold in home growth can also be supported by a higher-than-normal indoor humidity; to wit, anything above 45 percent.

Prior to any mold remediation process, it’s recommended that you make sure the humidity or moisture problem you’re facing in your home is properly addressed. Otherwise, it would just be a matter of time before the problem gets you back to square one.

Steps to Tackle a Commercial Mold Damage

• Use bleach and water solution to clean up the infested area. Read this bearing in mind that NO other household disinfectant can destroy black molds. It’s also important that you try to keep any member of your family or office staff away from the affected area.
• If the mold damage is contained within a room, then try to keep the door closed to prevent it from spreading further. The same can be said about mold growth behind walls.
• Never use a fan to dry the affected area. This will only disturb the spores, the result of which you’ll be spreading them somewhere else.
• In the event of a gigantic mold growth behind walls, you might want to call a mold mitigation or restoration company to come and help you tackle the problem.

You might also want to notify your insurance company. If your mold in home insurance policy happens to also cover mold removal and mitigation, you might want to notify them as soon as it’s reasonably possible to avoid creating up unnecessary complications.

Molds, Fungus and Mildews

While many people can’t tell the difference between molds, fungus and mildew, the difference between them is so striking to go unnoticeable. Of course, all the three are closely related.

First, be reminded that fungus is neither an animal nor plant. Neither does fit in the bacterium basket. If anything, it has its own unique kingdom of classification, and in which both mildew and molds happen to be subsets.

Both molds and mildews spread easily and thrive in the presence of water. They also have an almost similar smelly odor. But despite these common features, the two have their fair share of differences.

While molds feature multiple identical nuclei that tend to form black or green patches as they grow, mildews on the other hand have a flat growth with a tendency to lightly hang on surfaces as they grow.

Mildews can be found growing on paper, fabrics, damp surfaces and other organic materials in the house, whereas molds tend to grow on food, dry rot and permanent structures such as crawl spaces and walls.

Black Mold in home

As hinted by the sinister name, black mold is the most dreaded mold growth species. Its name alone is enough to strike fear in the hearts of many homeowners.

Easily identified by its black color, removing the black mold is even more problematic as opposed to the removal of its gray and green equals with a NOT so bad smelly odor.

Its smelly odor is also so intense and no kind of deodorization is enough to rid it off completely.

It’s for these reasons that it’s recommended that you reach out to a mold damage restoration and deodorization company for help every time you experience commercial mold damage.

Difference between Mold removal and Mold Remediation

As already mentioned, the mold grows from the tiny microscopic spores that naturally exist almost everywhere—both indoors and outdoors. Meaning it’s literally impossible to completely remove them from your home or premise.

This is to say any mold deodorization or Restoration Company claiming to also offer mold removal services is only selling a fallacy to clueless clients.

If you’re planning to have the problem tackled professionally, then you might want to pick on a restoration company that completely understands the science behind molds growth and their mitigation.

Suffice it to say that the best mold damage mitigation or deodorization company to settle for is one that offers mold remediation services and nothing about mold removal services. So by definition, mold remediation or mitigation focuses on reverting mold damage levels to manageable, natural levels instead of selling false hope to clueless consumers experiencing commercial mold damage.
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Safe Fire Restoration For Your Oklahoma City Home

7/23/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Safe Fire Restoration For Your Oklahoma City Home A fire can also rearrange or damage natural walkways, making it necessary to inspect the entire area before entry into your home.

Restoration is The Key for Your Damaged Residential Property

A fire in your home results in ash and soot placement over many indoor surfaces. It is no secret that smoke, ash, and soot damage far exceed fire damage in most cases. There are a variety of dangers that exist when handling these materials including contact with small amounts of cancer-causing chemicals and other health concerns such as skin irritation and respiratory issues. 

After experiencing fire damage on your Oklahoma City property, you should never allow children or pets near your home until after repairs are complete. All of your personal belongings, clothes, furniture, and even children's toys are not safe until you have a chance to clean them properly. Professional restoration technicians wear protective equipment to help avoid contact with these substances while they perform their services, you should too.

Attempting to perform cleanup on your own, with a regular shop-vac or home vacuum forces hazardous particles into the air. SERVPRO technicians use HEPA filtered vacuums to help avoid this problem and fully remove small particles that might otherwise escape detection. All gathered ash piles require specific handling and disposal to prevent public environmental conditions and should never be dumped into storm drains.

Entering your home after a fire without the proper support is certainly not recommended. A professional restoration company, like SERVPRO, can provide you with expertly trained fire damage personnel with years of experience identifying and eliminating possible hazards. It only takes moving or exposing a smoldering piece of wood or other debris to reignite your fire once oxygen becomes available again.

A fire can also rearrange or damage natural walkways, making it necessary to inspect the entire area before entry into your home. Structural damages are not always visible, always have professionals check your stairs, floors, and roof before beginning repairs. SERVPRO’s initial fire damage inspection provides customers with ways to avoid hazardous materials, unstable work surfaces, electrical hazards, and other problems that might go unnoticed otherwise.

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