Recent Before & After Photos

Oklahoma City Mold Problems

The mother-in-law wing of this home in Oklahoma City was inflicted with a mold infestation. The Before Photo was taken after the demolition had already taken pl... READ MORE

Water Damage – Oklahoma City Office Building

Water damage at this Oklahoma City office building was the result of a burst pipe within the walls. The leak ran down the wall and onto the carpeting. The comme... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Oklahoma City House

Fire damage at this Oklahoma City house started in the kitchen but had an impact on all the rooms in the house. When fire damage strikes your property, it is ad... READ MORE

Storm Damage in an Oklahoma City Property

Flooding is a common occurrence that requires fast action to mitigate the damages caused by the water. This crawl space was ready for typical water intrusion wi... READ MORE

Gym Floor Is Severely Damaged in Oklahoma City

The water flowed freely onto the hardwood gymnasium floor in Oklahoma City. It was unfortunately not noticed for an almost 24 hour period resulting in seepage i... READ MORE

Carpets Need Quick Action to Mitigate Water Damage

The first photo shows water stains and moisture still present on this carpet in this home in Oklahoma City. The amount of water affected the fibers and the padd... READ MORE

Bonus Room Fired Damage in OKC

A non-professionally wired attic resulted in sparks and then a fire in the crawl space. The owners were in the bonus room of the Oklahoma City home when the inc... READ MORE

Large Wall Mold Infestation in Oklahoma City

This garage in Oklahoma City was poorly ventilated, and the buildup of natural moisture and the workings of the washer and dryer invited a  large growth of... READ MORE