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Preventing Mold Before it Becomes a Problem

7/28/2020 (Permalink)

a mold hygienist  explaning to a blonde lady what to do after discovering mold growth on wall Mold inspection in a Valley Brook, OK home

Basic Mold Prevention Measures

Mold is one of the most concerning afflictions a home can sustain. Removing a severe infestation can be time consuming and expensive. This is why it is important that homeowners understand basic mold prevention measures.

1. Finding Sources of Water Damage
Mold consists of tiny fungal spores and filaments that thrive in cool, damp conditions. Naturally, water damage from leaks around windows, roofing, or appliances can create an ideal environment for mold to develop. Sometimes, the wettest areas are hard to find because carpets or other materials that prevent drying can also hide the buildup of moisture. A musty odor is often the most obvious sign of an infestation. If water has damaged areas of your house that are covered by drywall, you should contact an expert who can assess the extent of your problem.

2. Ventilation
If you have located areas of concern for mold growth in your home, you should make sure that these are well ventilated and exposed to dry air. If you live in a region that is particularly humid, or if you find that wetness does not evaporate from certain spaces in your household, a dehumidifier can remove excess moisture from the air.

3. Inspection
While mold prevention is significantly easier than removal, there is always a chance that you have missed key indicators in your home. Hiring an environmental quality professional is the best way to be sure that you have eliminated sources of mold growth. An expert can test for the presence of hazardous molds, as well as assist in determining whether your situation requires immediate remediation.
If your Valley Brook, OK home has suffered unnoticed or untreated water damage, there is a good chance that mold has developed as a consequence. Mold prevention should be an essential part of your home maintenance routine. An established infestation, however, requires the careful handling of an expert.

Damage From Fire Is Not Just From Flames

7/7/2020 (Permalink)

Standing water in the hallway of a business Standing water in an Oklahoma City, OK office

Damage From Fire Is Not Just From Flames

The process of recovering from fire damage at a business often takes weeks or months. It is usually necessary to go through the following stages before any daily operation can resume:

  • Clean up
  • Restore
  • Rebuild

In the aftermath of a fire, many business owners in Oklahoma City, OK, may be surprised to learn that the water used to extinguish flames can cause the following:

In some situations, it may be more difficult to recover from water damage than flames. Porous surfaces like carpets and upholstery become drenched with voluminous amounts of water used by firefighters. Mold can develop very quickly, settling in furnishings and lingering throughout the air.
A fire restoration company not only handles heat-related fire damage; it can pump excessive water from the environment before mold has a chance to develop.

The volume and speed of water emitting from a fire hose can cause destructive flooding. Although excess water can undoubtedly contribute to mold development, the problem is compounded when the water serves as a conduit for soot particles. When flames devour objects in their path, the result is impure particles that can suspend in the air or settle on any surface. Excess water can move and embed these particles into walls, floors, and other parts of the remaining structure. Therefore, water extraction after a fire must take place very carefully to avoid further contamination.

The force of water emitting from a fire hose is enough to break objects in its path. A fire restoration company might be able to repair a great deal of fire damage, including soot and mold removal. Still, items like glass or ceramic that have been broken by aggressive water pressure are often beyond repair.
Fires cause many levels of complex damage that are difficult to address. An Oklahoma City, OK, fire restoration company is indispensable for getting your business running again.

How SERVPRO Can Help After a Disaster

6/11/2020 (Permalink)

Two technicians getting in a van drying equipment SERVPRO has teams available 24/7 to provide their clients with high-quality service

As an insurance professional or business owner, you know that choosing a restoration company is one of the most important decisions to be made after a disaster. Fortunately, SERVPRO can help with everything from the initial damage assessment and claim services to the repairs and restoration.

Emergency Response

SERVPRO has teams available 24/7 to provide their clients with high-quality service, which includes the following:

  • Quick response
  • Pretesting
  • Professional certification
  • Access to corporate resources

A speedy response helps prevent further damage. For example, water can be dried before mold begins to grow, and soot can be removed quickly to prevent further corrosion of surfaces. Before beginning repairs, the teams will do pretesting to determine which items can and cannot be salvaged, saving time and money. Certification by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification ensures that the teams restore properties using the industry's current best practices. Additionally, franchise owners and their employees have access to SERVPRO’s continuing education program. Although franchises are locally owned and may be small, there are larger branches and corporate resources available to assist with bigger jobs.

Insurance Claims
Communication is one of the most important aspects of the restoration process. SERVPRO's claim services help facilitate communication between the property owner, insurance company, and restoration professionals. The claims information is provided electronically, so it is available even after business hours. Loss photographs, job cost estimates, necessary paperwork, and other important documents are all available electronically. The electronic nature of claims processing increases speed and decreases errors.
A restoration company with over 50 years of experience, abundant resources, and highly-trained employees can help get a business back to normal quickly and safely while also making the process seamless for all involved. SERVPRO offers top-notch service for every aspect of the restoration process, from initial assessment and claim services to the final walkthrough ensuring the business is safe and ready to reopen.

Assessing the Damage From a Flooded Basement

5/27/2020 (Permalink)

Basement floor wet, water reached an inch up to drywall Wet drywall due to water damage in a basement

Assessing the Damage From a Flooded Basement

No homeowner wants to experience a basement flood. Depending on the depth and category of the water, you may need to contact a water mitigation company in Smith Village, OK, to assist in restoration. However, once the water removal occurs, you need to assess the damage to figure out your financial obligations beyond insurance coverage. There are several items you should inspect.

  • Flooring
  • Walls
  • Appliances
  • Keepsakes

If flood levels were high, you likely have significant flooring damage. True, many homeowners have slab basements with no floor covering, but disinfection may still be necessary. If you have carpeting and the water category was two or more, removal may be the best option. For tile floors, look for signs of cracking or movement.

While cinderblock or concrete walls may handle the stress of a basement flood, drywall is not so resilient. Check for signs of staining or damage to the surface. Remove all affected sections to ensure minimal risks of mold or bacteria. Wall material may not need removing if the flooding was from a clean water source and was not deep.

If a flooded basement does not reach the bottoms of appliances, like washers and dryers, then you are fine to keep them. However, when depths submerge appliance components, you are better off replacing the machine because it is likely contaminated.

Like appliances, discard keepsakes if the flood submerged them. While some items are salvageable in a clean water flood, those items exposed to gray or black water may be unhealthy to keep. However, you can look for specialty cleaners for heritage items or other sentimental pieces.
A basement flood is no fun. The cleanup process is often a headache, but having to sort through your belongings and throw away keepsakes may be disheartening. As with any disaster, the sooner you get to the mitigation and restoration process, the better. Keep a mitigation company on standby in case you ever experience a flood.

How To Clean Your Gas Range

5/27/2020 (Permalink)

cleaning glass ceramic hob, gas stove. Keep your gas range in Smith Village, OK, looking and working like new

Follow The Instructions Below

A gas range is the preferred appliance of professional cooks because it provides a more uniform method of cooking than an electric range. An added bonus is the fact that it heats up immediately. The disadvantage of a gas stove is that it's more complicated to clean. Dried bits of food should be cleaned up quickly before they create a smoke smell. You can become a pro at cleaning your stove by following a few simple instructions.

Gather the Materials You Will Need
You just need a few simple materials to conduct a thorough range cleaning. Just grab some dish soap, white vinegar, some paper towels, and a clean scrub brush or toothbrush.

Clean the Stove

Fill the kitchen sink with hot, sudsy water using a few drops of dish soap. Remove the grates and burner caps from the gas range and soak them in the water. After they've soaked a bit, scrub them with the toothbrush to remove any stubborn debris.
Brush loose crumbs off the stove top with a paper towel, and spray the entire area with a solution of one part vinegar to one part water. Let it sit for a couple of minutes.
Wipe the area with clean paper towels. Make sure you clean the knobs and the back panel as well.
If dried bits of food or debris remains, squirt a drop of soap onto the toothbrush and scrub vigorously. Wipe the area dry with paper towels.
Remove the burner caps and scrub them with sudsy water. Dry them completely.

Lift up the range and vacuum up the crumbs.

Once you've cleaned up all the crumbs and debris, put all the parts back together. Repeat this routine every month or so to maintain a clean, shiny stove. If you ever suspect smoke or fire damage, call a professional to conduct a fire damage assessment.
Keep your gas range in Smith Village, OK, looking and working like new by following these easy cleaning steps.

Safe Fire Restoration For Your Oklahoma City Home

5/25/2020 (Permalink)

Wooden chair burned, fire damaged home Fire damage in Oklahoma City

Restoration is The Key for Your Damaged Residential Property

A fire in your home results in ash and soot placement over many indoor surfaces. It is no secret that smoke, ash, and soot damage far exceed fire damage in most cases. There are a variety of dangers that exist when handling these materials.

After experiencing fire damage on your Oklahoma City property, you should never allow children or pets near your home until after repairs are complete. All of your personal belongings, clothes, furniture, and even children's toys are not safe until you have a chance to clean them properly. Professional restoration technicians wear protective equipment to help avoid contact with these substances while they perform their services, you should too.

Attempting to perform cleanup on your own, with a regular shop-vac or home vacuum forces hazardous particles into the air. SERVPRO of South Oklahoma City technicians uses HEPA filtered vacuums to help avoid this problem and fully remove small particles that might otherwise escape detection. All gathered ash piles require specific handling and disposal to prevent public environmental conditions and should never be dumped into storm drains.

Entering your home after a fire without the proper support is certainly not recommended. A professional restoration company, like SERVPRO, can provide you with expertly trained fire damage personnel with years of experience identifying and eliminating possible hazards. It only takes moving or exposing a smoldering piece of wood or other debris to reignite your fire once oxygen becomes available again.

A fire can also rearrange or damage natural walkways, making it necessary to inspect the entire area before entering into your home. Structural damages are not always visible, always have professionals check your stairs, floors, and roof before beginning repairs. SERVPRO’s initial fire damage inspection provides customers with ways to avoid hazardous materials, unstable work surfaces, electrical hazards, and other problems that might go unnoticed otherwise.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Get the protection, cleaning, and restoration services you deserve, call SERVPRO of South Oklahoma City, today. (405) 677-4000.

5 Things Not To Do After a Storm

5/12/2020 (Permalink)

Two technicians wearing protective gear Any time you deal with flooding it’s important to wear safety gear

5 Things Not To Do After a Storm

After a storm in Smith Village, OK, flood water could find its way into your home. During a situation there are a few things you should remember not to do. Here are five of the most common.

1. Don’t Forget to Inspect for Damage

If you have a flooded home it’s important to inspect for possible damages outside of the immediately visible flooded area. Water can flow through crack and under furniture causing problems in unseen spaces as well.

2. Don’t Forget to Call a Professional

If you have storm flooding in your home it’s recommended to call a local damage restoration service. These professionals will have the tools and knowledge needed to safely restore your home.

3. Don’t Forget to Remove Water

The restoration service working on your home will need to remove the flood water from the property. This is something you can start ahead of time, as leaving water to sit can cause further damage. You can use a bucket, rags, mops, and other absorbent material to soak up water for removal.

4. Don’t Forget to Wear Safety Gear

Any time you deal with flooding it’s important to wear safety gear that can protect you from coming into skin contact with the water. Safety items such as boots, gloves, clothing covers, and masks are good examples.

5. Don’t Forget to Contact Your Insurance

Another important step to take is to contact your insurance agent. Often they can recommend a good restoration service to help clean up any water damage. Your agent should also know as soon as possible so they can begin the steps of filing a claim for your home.

When dealing with storm caused flood water in your home it’s important not to forget several things. Remember to inspect for damage, call a professional, remove the water, wear safety gear, and contact your insurance company. Not doing any of these things could potentially lead to additional problems.

Is Your Business Continuity Plan Complete?

5/12/2020 (Permalink)

Paper with words BCP Business Continuity Plan Every enterprise needs a business continuity plan

Make Sure Your Continuity Plan Includes All The Following Elements

Every enterprise needs a business continuity plan. These plans are crucial for owners, managers, and employees in the event of operational interruption. Periodic review, revision, and training will ensure that a plan provides all of the information needed to resume operations as soon as possible. Check to make sure your continuity plan includes all of the following elements.

Accurate Impact Analysis
An up-to-date impact analysis and risk assessment is helpful for ensuring a business has sufficient interruption coverage. Update the following factors on a regular basis:

  • Effects on revenue
  • Extraordinary expenses
  • Fines or penalties

The impact of an interruption on a business is likely to change over time. You should adjust interruption policy limits accordingly.

Clearly Defined Roles
Delegating responsibilities is one of the most essential elements of a business continuity plan. A plan should clearly assign shut down, maintenance, and start-up tasks to each employee. An emergency response plan should also identify roles for managers and employees. It is important to update plans to account for personnel changes.

Versatile Recovery Strategies
A continuity plan should consider as many contingencies as possible. Each scenario may have unique triggers and action plans. Depending on operational requirements, it may be possible for your company to work out of an alternative location and avoid a total interruption. Identify all of the requirements and procedures for a smooth transition.

Consistent Emergency Training
Impact and emergency plans are a critical part of employee training. These plans should be available at all times. Schedule review sessions throughout the year to ensure that plans are followed in the event of an interruption.
A business continuity plan can save time and money when both of these factors matter most. Whether the cause of an interruption is commercial property damage or a disaster in Oklahoma City, OK, your business can benefit from a regular review of a continuity plan.

4 Answers to Common Questions About Mold

5/12/2020 (Permalink)

Background of mold spores, sign that says THRIVE ON MOISTURE Mold is a fungus that thrives on moisture

Common Questions About Mold Growth

There are many misconceptions about mold. Many people think mold is something that is only found in dirty homes or buildings. Understanding mold and how it relates to your Valley Brook, OK, business is important. Here are some answers to common questions about mold growth.

1. What is Mold?
Mold is actually more common than people realize. Mold spores are found everywhere in the air, both inside and outside. Mold is a fungus that thrives on moisture. Mold cannot reproduce without ideal conditions, such as high humidity in buildings.

2. Where is Mold Found?
Mold is often found in areas where there has been water damage. Floods and leaks are common ways that moisture begins to create the perfect environment for mold to grow. This is why mold is often found near roofs and around windows and pipes. Mold grows well on organic substances such as wood and paper so you may find it on stacks of paper or damp storage boxes.

3. Who Should Take Care of Mold?
The only way to stop mold growth is to eliminate moisture. This includes fixing leaks immediately and cleaning up water thoroughly after any type of flooding. You should also make sure the humidity level in your building is less than 45%. You can get a meter at a home improvement store to monitor the level. If you do encounter a mold infestation, contact a mold remediation specialist who has the tools and training necessary to take care of mold.

4. When Should I Be Worried About Mold?
Any type of mold can produce irritants in the air and cause structural damage to buildings if left untreated. If you see or smell mold, it’s time to contact a professional.
Make a habit of regularly inspecting areas near water sources and keeping the humidity level low in your building. These two practices will help prevent mold growth.

The Benefits of Security Fencing After a Business Fire

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

Private property in the forest angle shot A security fence can be effective in keeping the curious and the criminal from the property

The Benefits of Security Fencing After a Business Fire

The aftermath of a fire is a trying time for business owners. They have to make numerous difficult decisions as well as juggle a seemingly endless list of priorities. An experienced fire remediation team can be a big help on many of these matters. They are Here to Help and can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Fire cleanup
  • Fire restoration
  • Insurance coordination
  • Security fence
  • Fire prevention

Technicians who are trained in fire mitigation can quickly identify fire damage and come up with proven solutions. They will work in accordance with the industry standards of the cleaning and restoration industry. These standards have been developed over time to yield the best results.

Security of the Property
Immediately after a fire, a property must be secured to prevent additional damage. A fire-ravaged building is vulnerable to weather, theft, and vandalism. A sturdy tarp over a damaged roof keeps the rain off. A security fence can be effective in keeping the curious and the criminal from the property. Depending upon the situation, a 24-hour guard may be needed to keep people away. Additional damage that occurs to a building that is not secured might not be covered by insurance. People who wander onto a dangerous property pose a serious liability issue for business owners.

Restoration of the Building
Once the building is protected with a security fence, the remediation technicians can go about their work restoring the property to its original condition. With specialized tools such as wet vacuums and air dryers they can remove water that resulted from the efforts of the fire department in Valley Brook, OK. They can also detect water damage as well as soot and smoke damage that is not readily detectable. They will pretest materials to see if they can be cleaned adequately. A restore versus replace philosophy saves money. A complete and efficient restoration enables a company to get back to business as soon as possible.